Scrapbooking Process #352 Hip Kit Club / Holiday Memories

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2017 November Hip Kits


potsiefighter says:

Love your layout! The kits are amazing! 😍
xo Lisa

MJBRigby says:

Love it AGAIN!! a Delightful and refreshing color scheme, and your finished layouts always make me go Ahhhhh!!!! The photo is pretty hysterically darling as well :)Thanks for reminding me to cherish the mischief(just finished 4 days of babysitting my 5 little grandkid imps)…. thanks for another great video! –Marta

Kathy Feigl says:

beautiful, Missy! I love the colors, they match so good.

Heather Rice says:

Missy I just love watching your scraping your so creative.

Miranda Webber says:

Just Gorgeous!!

Linda Ruschmeyer says:

Another beauty! The look on her face is priceless! What a stinker. TFS

Beth Dunnavant says:

Love this Missy! I just stumbled across this video today and as a person who hasn't been a long time follower, I'm wondering if you have a list somewhere of your 'stash' items like the bottle of gold that you used? I'm curious about that in particular. You were pretty great about telling us where other things came from. LOL I couldn't tell you half as much about my own stuff! 😉

Linda Cain says:

Such a cute photo Missy you can almost hear her laughing I love what you did with this one very nice colour scheme

Linda Roberts says:

Oh how you inspire!

Karin Boschaart says:

great colorsand stars are grea for christmas. looking forward to a layout with the stickers. So will watch all next vids but not sure if I can put something. Next thursday a new sholdersurgery so no crafting for a while but gives me time to watch all of your vids I haven't seen yet. thanks for sharing

Elizabeth Pollard says:


Lindy Holland says:

Such a gorgeous page Missy. The blue in Paige’s shirt is a perfect match. TFS x

Laura Chapman says:

Love the color scheme! Beautiful!!

Jen G says:

So pretty! Love the stars. I am hoping to get some kits for Xmas! Been asking the hubby to get me a subscription! Lol
I may scraplift this layout lol minus the stitching. I don’t sew. 🙂

Linda Moore says:

Thank you, thank you. Was not ready to invest in a bunch of mists until i get more into the mixed media. Thanks for showing me how to do it with paint. That i have. So inspiring!

ScrapSaturdayS says:

…. I get excited when you start off by saying … " when I have no idea what I'm going to do " … I know , it's going to be an awesome layout that's for sure…
Also pinkish-red … totally a colour !!!
Hugs Missy xo

Alice Adler says:

I am loving these fresh colors for Christmas … like mixing lime & pink & blue with Christmas red & green for a change. I’ll bet the lighter colors look great in Florida for Christmas. Oh, yeah, you’re such a meanie!!! 🤣🤣🤣. I am a beach Christmas tree gal with starfish and mermaids and shells!!! Love that light blue a lot!!! PS. Also love the slight vertical orientation of this layout!!!

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