#230 Learn to Foil Tonic Studios Embossed Paper with a Go, Press & Foil by Scrapbooking Made Simple

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OK…Funny thing happened during the taping of this class. My camera stated to act up and I did just about everything I could to get it to stop! I was too far into taping to start all over again and I have no idea how to edit videos (nor do I want to know.) Anyway, I was all the way done and tilting the camera up to say my goodbyes and poof, my camera just turned off! Just like that. Well…I guess even video cameras can have a bit of an attitude sometimes! So….when you get to the end of the You Tube, and it video just stops…welp…..now you know why!

Here is what I would have said, had my camera not had it’s moment! “Where will you find all of these great products? Well at http://scrapbookingmadesimple.com of course! And remember, the NEW Couture Creations Foil Plates are a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE to Scrapbooking Made Simple.



Rose Bell says:

You can find it at Scrapbooing Made Simple . Com , love your videos. Get well soon 🙏🏻

Qyhat Harbour says:

glad to see and hear you are feeling better, even tho' you still have some souveniers

Carla Maclay says:

I've never seen anything like this–how beautiful!!!

Rita Franz says:

Those papers are gorgeous .

Jeanne Beam says:

So glad you are feeling better. You look so happy in your video. Thanks for sharing your time..

Cathy Homan says:

Glad all are on the mend. Here's to great new year!

Linn Kelly says:

so glad to see you are better… been praying for you and your staff…

Jaime Lenci says:

great new ideas! nice products. Thanks so much!

Shel McArthur says:

Glad you are feeling better. I am usually not a foil kind of gal, but you have changed my mind. The papers and foil are GORGEOUS!

Valerie Bullock says:

You got me on this one – wowee!!! Just gorgeous!!

Trish Tokar says:

Gorgeous!  LoVe it all!  Stamps & papers are wonderful!  Glad you are feeling better.

Jill nordstrom says:

gorgeous paper, fun textures. would love to create with!

OneKrackedMom says:

Glad you are getting better!

Laurie says:

Oh… I'll have put the foil machine on my wish list!

Aunty23Fifi says:

Gorgeous results with stunning products Stacey. I am surprised you were not wowed a year ago! Thanks so much for always expanding our knowledge of what is possible with the Go Press & Foil Machine. Get lots of rest, my husband had a relapse of that cold after 3 weeks and has been coughing for almost 6 weeks!

Esther Al says:

So glad you are on the road to recovery!  Thank you for the beautiful techniques….and so much stuff I want!!

Doris Dieterle says:

Glad you are feeling better, now hang in there and the rash will be gone soon too.

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