Scrapbooking Process 695 (2018-4/150)

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Gayle Wills says:

My word is self-cqre. I am so bad about that …I have health issues. Question? Do you have scrapbooks for your kids or do you just keep family ones?

Martha Strickland says:

Nicole, thanks for sharing. I agree with you on putting pages in the album as you do them and not fretting on whether the pages coordinate. I realized that not only does my family not know whether I am using the latest products, but they will not critique them as much as I do. Stress free scrapping 😊

potsiefighter says:

Great layout! Love your word! Focus is many owl as well 🙂
xo Lisa

Tina Campbell says:

A pretty layout for your one little word 🙂 I feel behind at the moment cause I have yet to do my layout for my word 🙂 Something I need to put on my list to do this week 🙂 Love that your adding your journaling as your completing the page that is something I got into a routine of doing years ago when I started doing LOAD and that helped me to make sure I add something to the layout for journaling and I mainly do my own handwriting like you do I find it is so much faster so I have embraced it well 🙂

angela prewitt says:

love all your void and pages but sometimes my phone acts up so I can't do a thumbs up or a comment. just wanted you to know I can't wait for your videos. I recommend you on FB all the time. and you inspire me to to do page kits. and not to be scared to do mix media on my pages.

Barbara Duhamell says:

Love all the pages you do, you are my first one I go to watch your layouts, always beautiful

Charyl Fuller says:

What happened to number 3? I don't usually set goals but this year I set a goal of doing 2 pages a week hopefully more. Lol

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