#234 Three “Out of the Box” Techniques for Embossing by Scrapbooking Made Simple

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Hello Everyone!!! Today with have a bit of old mixed in with a bit of new surrounded by a whole lot of creativity! Heat Embossing has been around for some time now. But, have you really done all you can with these fun little powders that change before your eyes when you heat them? Today, I show you the very basics of Embossing Powders but then we step outside the box to really take them to a new and wonderful creative place! We even have an EXCLUSIVE for you… So join me for this “Saturday with Stacey You Tube” and I hope that your mind fills with inspiration!



R-D Massey says:

very pretty

ana 126 says:

Oh, what a beautiful background! My girls are going to faint when they see how you made it. πŸ™‚

Dorothy Knapp says:

Beautiful cards that we can accomplish on our own with your help.

Iris Vargas says:

Hi SMS family I love your videos. I keep learning more and more from you. Thank you for showing samples and help us how to use our mind out the box. Thank you for teaching us for FREE!!! lol LOVE IT!!! xoxoxo

Jemma Webster says:

Absolutely beautiful video and samples again! Eager to keep learning from you stacey. πŸ™‚

Terry Eggen says:

for some reason your voice isn't with the movements of your mouth. great vid.

Karla Bostic says:

Happy you're home safe. I have done all the trade shows. Can be fun, but also exhausting. Deep breath. 😍

Deb Muscarella says:

Welcome home, love your excitement at all the different craft suppliers. Beautiful samples as always!

dawn belke says:

Glad you’re back safe and sound!! Hope you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your adventures. 😁

Sharman DeLuca says:

So glad that you are back and in good health. Β I did not make this you tube until today. Β It is 4am on Friday Morning but I figured I better watch you before you do the next you tube… Wow on the backgrounds, just looking on how to do some of my own backgrounds and Love how to color without actually using Copic's etc

Pamela Sharp says:

Thank you for the tutorial! I am new to embossing and you have opened up a world of possibilities for me to play with!!

Lauri Bacalzo says:

Welcome Home Stacey!
Love how you always think outside the box!

Catherine L says:

Great teaching and I love my card. Thank you for the opportunity to make and take, learn and be inspired!

Debra Arnold says:

Love the background technique!

Karen Plumlee says:

WOW!!!! What beautiful flowers!!! Being a florist, I am in LOVE< LOVE< LOVE with these flower stamps. Thank you Stacey!!!! Great ideas!!!!

Wendy Sapp says:

Love the ideas with the embossing I learned something new today πŸ˜ƒ

Donna Scott McCaffery says:

Enjoyed this video. Thanks Stacey!

Tobago Crafter says:

Thank you for these ideas on how to use embossing powders.

Mary Cynthia Striegel says:

Love embossing, even more now with new ideas. Thank you !!!

Jen Petersen says:

Welcome back! Loved the class on embossing this week!

Lamar Battle says:

Welcome back Stacey. I hope you had a fabulous trip.

Cindy Mark says:

Another great video! Thanks for sharing.

grete lund says:

Welcome back Stacey. Great video. πŸ™‚

Johanne Lacombe says:

Another great technique video. Love it.

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