Scrapbook Process 746 (2018-55/150)

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Irines Acosta says:

Good to hear you are fine. Take care

angela prewitt says:

Beautiful page. Getting ready to do fittings pages. 3 dress fittings

codegrrl says:

Happy you posted a new video! 😬 Do you get the doilies online only or also from any local stores? I only find ugly ones in my local stores (I’m in Maine but will be in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in a few weeks) 🤔
Can’t get enough of your videos! ❤️

Valerie Bisson says:

Pretty layout, love the addition of the doily and the lace trim. Take care.

Cook Scrap Craft says:

This is a beautiful layout! I did the same kind of "tease" layout with my wedding dress. Glad you are on the mend.

Jina W says:

Hi Nicole, I had sent you an email concerning the class I bought. Haven't heard from you, so just checking to see you have received the email. Thanks

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