Bali Scrapbook

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I decided to take a break from YouTube and go to Bali for a few weeks. Let me know what you think of this travel vlog!

SNAPCHAT: PeterBamforth


Places I visited in order:
Ubud (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary)
Mount Batur (the volcano hike to watch the sunrise)
Kuta (Puri Rama Hostel)
Canggu (Villa)
Gili Trawangan (fast boat, beach, snorkelling trip)



Tim Cope says:

Glad to see you’re back. Don’t let YouTube stop you from doing what you love and posting vids!! We love them all and think what you’re doing is great. Let that vacation be the reset you deserved and needed!!

Lizbeth Pegueros says:

That video was AWSOME

BryceTheBeast says:

looked like an awesome time, glad you're back!

none of your business says:

Holy tits you don't want to know what I interrupted to watch this video as soon as I saw it.
Still planning to make some videos soon?
And didn't you make one about itching powder that turned out to be a failure? I can't seem to find it anymore :/

Neves says:

What I thought you were dead

Dill Pickle says:

Everybody needs a break from something it’s fine you took a break peter.

Gavinador says:

Our lord has returned

Toad says:

MISSED YOU MAN glad you're doing good! Remember despite the fact that youtube sucks there really are real individuals out there who fuckin love you my dude.

cyanide says:

Papa, you're alive

paul kitty says:

I’m still here for you

Max Ennever says:

Welcome back

kiki 204 says:

"So its 2 am in the morning ,i haven't slept and now were going to climb a volcano…"

Oh so peter 😂

Matheus Machado says:

Nice to see you again!!

Teh Epic Ducky Duck says:

Top 10 anime comebacks

Catherine Ward says:

He is not dead hahah

Nathan Foster says:

It's good to see you back bro

syamim sanusi says:

Really miss you bro on Youtube..btw where your other friend with the man bun..forgot his name tho..

Mc.TinyLeg's says:

You need to do a challenge pete with fortnite

Spoody-Man says:

hope you will upload regularly again we missed you

planforge says:

Wb 🙂 and you need to learn to fly a drone buddy

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