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Scrapbook Ideas

*TUTORIAL of the Scrapbook :-

*Links for CARDS shown in video:
(the size shown in tutorial maybe different so adjust size of these cards according to scrapbook)

Napkin Fold Card :
Waterfall Card :
Squash Card :
Double Tri Shutter Card :
Envelope Card :

*other different SCRAPOOK IDEAS :-

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Elisa Pausilli says:

Wow! Wonderful πŸ€—

Kaye Taullie says:

Nice job! Your work is so professional. Thank you for sharing.


how to make it?

Star Butterfly says:

So so beautiful

swarnim gupta says:

I really appreciate your work
But I would like to know the
way that how you have made it and what is the name of the card which is in shape of a cake and I would also like to know that what is the name of the pin you have used at the place of a Ribun

Sukhman Singh says:

Please tell me which object u used to bind the scrapbook

Bianca mae musa says:

0:55 how to do this one?

Sreejoni Saha says:

Double tri fold card can u give the tutorial please.😍😍😍😍😍

Sreejoni Saha says:

So neat and clean work. Luved it😍😍😍

Surbhi Roy says:

Which paper have you used for making all fold cards?

sky lander says:

what are thoose circle locks called??

Mohit Singh says:

Price kya h???

Rubeena Begum says:

Kya aap sell krte ho

Shahan Official says:

Marvelous:-) πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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