#259 Learn Easy & Stunning Stained Glass Effect with NEW Hot Foil Plates by Scrapbooking Made Simple

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Hello, Hello Everyone!
We have lots to do today! This is definitely a technique based You Tube!!! There is learning how to use Hot Foil Plates with our Without a Go, Press and Foil Machine. We are playing with glitter in a not-so-messy way. Then there is the coloring that looks like stained glass!!! All of this plus NEW and EXCLUSIVE Hot Foil Plates s Scrapbooking Made Simple will be the ONLY place in the US where you will find these designs. I hope you have as much fun as I did!



Lisa Miller says:

I'm a "I can foil anything" crafter…. love it!

Teri Ditzel says:

Love my Saturdays with you. Just cannot wait to see what you have in store for us. Thanks!

Debbie Sage says:

Great technique as always.

Susan Aylesworth says:

Thank you Stacey for another great technical class. I have to be the girl with the most tools, but I could totally foil too. Thanks for a chance for the aprons, they are really cute!!

Lucy Gerland says:

Lovely! Thanks so much!

Linda Goodman says:

Thanks for another great video. Watching on the patio with my coffee. Awesome way to start my day💕

Lesia Cooper says:

Great to hear your updating your website!!

CookieWeiler says:

Watching from my bed today. It was my birthday yesterday; fun night = rough morning.

Barbara Albini says:

Great video.  Would never of though of using a foil plate to stamp with.  Can"t wait to try it.

Kim STAMNESS says:

I am a she who has the most tools wins girl.Thanks Stacy for another great Saturday. You are a great teacher.

Karen Scannell says:

Hi Stacy ! It's me ! Karen Scannell! I missed a couple of your videos as I had to wait for my New tablet to come in . I'm caught up now now I believe! Loved all the cool techniques especially the foil and glitter! The samples are very pretty too..have a great summer!

Sandy Small says:

The most tools wins, definately! Having the right tool for a project makes a huge difference in success or failure.
As for employees and contests, generally, there is a company policy that employees and family member of employees can't win contests sponsored by the company, since it a conflict of interest.
Also, always be yourself on your videos, whatever makes you most comfortable.

Michelle Rickard says:

Love your teaching. Appreciate your time and effort. I'm a "she who has the most tools wins" lady…for sure… Lol.

terry hollis says:

i'm the most tools wins girl pls

Leilani Bennett says:

I Can Totally Foil That! Once I get my go press and foil machine. In the meantime I will have to use the stamps and dies.

Beth Novak says:

either apron, like the tool one better. I love the foil but can not afford machine right now. I think I would be hooked on foiling.

Penny Fenton says:

Love that butterfly! another great you tube.

Redinna Long says:

Oh those cards are so pretty! I love the look of vintage in most of them.

Susan Hartoon says:

This is a great You Tube. I loved both aprons. So either one would be ok. You have so many great ideas. Don't ever under estimate yourself.

Jaime Lenci says:

she who has the most tool!! great video thanks again

Scott Pegg says:

I'M A WINNER!! CHICKEN DINNER! I'M A WINNER!! CHICKEN DINNER!! DOING MY HAPPY DANCE!!! I never though I would hear my name coming out of Stacey's mouth! LOL!! Another great Saturday with Stacey! I ALWAYS lean something new here! Thank you THANK YOU!!

Liz Freitas says:

As always great technique and information.

Christy Watts says:

Really great video. Thanks Stacey.

Debra Clark says:

Thanks for another great you tube

peggy says:

i totally forgot to say i i can totally foil that,

gaildean55 says:

Love this stained glass technique! Thanks!

Michelle's Crafts & More says:

I am a "She who has the most tools wins" girl because I love my tools!

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