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album en cardstock avec la merveilleuse collection de papiers de graphic 45 abc primer

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I tried something a little different today…an 8×8″ layout! Have you ever used this sized layout in your scrapbooking before?

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I have been scrapbooking for 13 years and I do it professionally so I think I know what I am talking about. here’s my 10 best tips to make amazing Scrapbooking Layouts.

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Today i teach you how to make a super cute quick and easy DIY scrapbook inspired by Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) from the new Dreamworks animation film TROLLS.

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Tutoriel du mini album de poche proposé sur le stand LG BRUSHES, au salon VERSION SCRAP.

Découvrez comment poser des oeillets de manière simple et rapide dans vos pages et créations de scrapbooking grâce aux outils d’aide à la pose Fiskars. Les loisirs créatifs n’ont jamais été aussi faciles !

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Hi I’m Carla and we’re talking about scrap booking. One of the first decisions you need to make when you start scrap booking is what kind of scrapbook you want to use. So I have several different types of scrap books here. One of the more traditional types is a post bound album. So when you open up the album, you’ll see it’s held together by 3 posts, and these actually screw apart in order to allow you to add more pages to your album. And each page protector holds your pages is in place.

So that’s a post bound album and of course say like almost all scrap books come in different sizes. So this is another post bound album. It’s a different size and most albums do come in different sizes, but again you can see where the posts hold pages together and I’ve got this one pretty full. I’ve packed it about as full as it can get.

Also a D-ring album is very popular. This is the small one and this is actually a different type of scrapbook. It’s one that use to collect recipes my friends. This is also a, a larger version of the D-ring album and as I open this up you can see it’s just like the notebooks we had in school, only bigger and better, and this particular style of scrapbook is, is um one that has not one big page protector but a page protector with a lot of little pockets to put things in so you may have maybe familiar with Project Life there are several different types of scrap booking brands that followed this kind of format.

Over here is a really fun format and this is a Smash Book. Smash is a brand name. Again they’re different brands that have a similar kind of look to them where the pages are already pre-decorated and then you go in and put in your scraps. And it’s a little bit more of a free form style of scrap booking, lots of memorabilia as well as photos.

Now I’m gonna show you really old school. This is the first scrap book I ever made its from Creative Memories and it’s a strap hinge album. So strap hinge means that there are these plastic straps that hold the pages in place and the straps thread through little metal kind of staples and that’s how this book is held together.

Finally scrap booking doesn’t have to take place in a book, It can also take place, as we say, off the page. So here’s a example of a canvas, that’s actually been turned into a memento, a piece of memorabilia with photos and the same kind of decorations that you would use in a scrap book. so you get started scrap booking think about what kind of scrap book you want to use. What type of scrap booking you want to do. and then you can go find the perfect scrap book for you.